APQ’s turnkey

Logicus Engineering assumes the role of “Turnkey” (EPC Contractor) for storage of chemical products – APQ.


RD 656/2017 establishes the criteria for storing classified chemical products, our services are directed to the following ITCs:

MIE APQ-1: “Storage of flammable and combustible liquids in fixed containers”.
MIE APQ-5: «Gas storage in mobile pressure vessels».
MIE APQ-6: «Storage of corrosive liquids in fixed containers».
MIE APQ-7: “Storage of toxic liquids in fixed containers”.
MIE APQ-9: “Storage of organic peroxides and self-reactive materials”.
MIE APQ-10: «Storage in mobile containers».


Not only is a deep knowledge of the Chemical Products Storage Regulations vital, since the current Royal Decree came into force, fire protection measures must be adapted to RD 2267/2004 RSCIEI, another of our specialties, if we add to this the design capacity and calculation of tanks of any volume and the associated work: landing, buckets, storage areas, etc. The result is an integral service that includes from the initial basic design to the legalization of the installation and the legally corresponding updates:

– Environmental License / Integrated Environmental Authorization.
– Fire Protection in industrial establishments.
– Low voltage.
– Hydraulic calculations.
– Selection of pumps.
– And, of course, the APQ itself.


If the objective is an installation that is suitable for the needs of production, reliable and adjusted to the planned investment, it is important that the design is agreed with the property and for this we have highly qualified personnel with demonstrable experience in the field of product storage’ chemicals.