Technical dossiers for declarations of conformity

Sometimes we find old but useful machinery that lacks the corresponding declaration of conformity (CE) and we must not forget that it is a legal obligation of the owner of the industry to have this document.

This causes problems for certain types of regulatory requirements such as, for example, complying with RD 1215/97. In addition, the declaration of conformity ensures that the machine in question has been manufactured according to EEC standards, which allows access to possible subsidies, for example.

We can help you obtain such a declaration by preparing a technical dossier of the equipment or machine in question. This dossier is the gateway to a declaration of conformity, sometimes it is even possible for the authorized inspection bodies to consider it valid without requiring a CE marking.

Let us know if you have any problems of this nature and by means of an in-person visit and your available documentation, we will indicate in which cases it is appropriate or not and you will be able to follow up on compliance with other regulations and/or access to certain aids.