Who we are

Logicus Engineering is an engineering company specialised in the Industry that provides services to its clients in five areas of activity:

  • Execution Projects for buildings and facilities
  • Legalisation Projects
  • Turnkey buildings and facilities
  • Special engineering work
  • Outsourcing of engineering departments

The Logicus Engineering organisational model and its team capitalise on more than 40 years of expertise in the development of projects for the implementation of new industries, integrating disciplines from various Engineering areas (Industrial, Civil, Agricultural, Telecommunications…) as well as Architecture.

We are backed by the knowledge and experience acquired in the operation of small, medium, and multinational industries in various sectors: Electronics, Metallurgy, Automotive, Chemical, Plastic, Ceramic…

In order to provide our services, we require close collaboration with our clients from the beginning of the projects to the end of their execution, since the solutions we develop must be perfectly integrated into the operations of their companies and must be consistent with their economic and strategic objectives.

Our history

The engineering company Tecninge, which developed projects for industries in various sectors for more than 35 years, was created more than 40 years ago. Ingenius Med was created in 2006 and it followed the work developed by Tecninge.

Logicus Engineering was founded at the beginning of 2014 as a division of the engineering company Ingenius Med, which ceased to operate at the end of the same year.