Success stories

New customer in the chemical sector with spectacular growth rates

Company specialized in adsorbent chemicals, additives and catalysts.

Leading company in the polymerization of water-based emulsions.

German multinational entrusts its 51st plant to Logicus Engineering

Company dedicated to the transformation, commercialization and recycling of thermoplastic materials with facilities covering 6,000m².

Important wine company with more than 35,000m² of vineyards.

Fruit and vegetable production company with more than 50 years of experience.

Multinational chemical company with presence in more than 150 countries.

Wine cellar with a surface area of more than 12,000 m².

Cosmetics manufacturer with a production plant of 43,000m² and more than 500 employees.

Important multinational paint and varnish company with 16,000m² of facilities in Spain.

Large multinational in the paints, coatings and other chemical products sector with more than 47,000 employees worldwide.

Major company in the dairy sector with 100 years of history and 38,000 employees worldwide.

Multinational company with presence in 42 countries dedicated to the distribution of chemical products, rubber, plastics, minerals, coffee… with a storage capacity of more than 210,000m².

Adhesives manufacturer with a 22,000m² facility.

Hydrocarbon company with 360,000m³ of flammable products in its tanks.

Petrochemical company with 420,000m³ of flammable deposits

Meat group in the poultry sector with an annual turnover in excess of 380M euros.

Beekeeping company with facilities of more than 20,000m².

Large multinational company in the packaging and technical plastics sector with a 12,800m² production plant.

PET and technical polymers manufacturing company with 180,000m² production facility

Leading graphic arts company with more than 50 years of experience.

Regional aviation company with an annual turnover in excess of 400M euros.

Major graphic arts company, production hall plus offices

Multinational chemical company with more than 10,000m² of land

3,500m² rubber sheet factory

Planta de hidrocarburos con capacidad para 162.000m³ de inflamables

Empresa multinacional fabricante de revestimientos con más de 50 años de trayectoria en el sector, presencia en 6 continentes y más de 37.000 empleados

Importante multinacional del sector auxiliar del automóvil con más de 33.000 empleados en todo el mundo

Multinacional proveedora de materias primas para diversos sectores industriales, con mas de 150 años de experiencia

Reconocida empresa con más de 25 años experiencia acumulada en la fabricación de pinturas

Compañía internacional del sector químico dedicada a la fabricación de productos fitosanitarios