Solids or liquids packaging lines

With an extensive experience in the packaging of solid and liquid products, VOLLENDA specialises in products that tend to be challenging, such as: Products with difficult fluidity, viscous, explosive, flammable, etc.

VOLLENDA has all the required certifications to deal with food, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

It has individual units and complete lines that can be adapted to production needs and that can include up to 12 filling nozzles.

VOLLENDA develops its equipment according to the client’s needs, adapting to the filling capacity and to the container. They can therefore be adjusted to a wide range of filling ranges and containers (bottles, jars, cans, boxes, sacks, big bags, etc…).

The VOLLENDA systems also include dosing and weighing components and accessories, as well as capping and labelling systems that help to further automate the process.

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Solids packaging machines

Liquids packaging machines