Autoclaves for laboratories and industrial processes

The TUTTNAUER autoclaves have been designed to provide consistent high quality performance in the vast variety of applications used in modern laboratories.

Pre-production processing involves the sterilisation of materials, equipment, containers and other elements involved in the production area.

Post production sterilisers are used for the sterilisation and pasteurisation of finished products.

Laboratory applications have a wide scope, mainly R&D (product development, manufacturing process development, packaging selection) and quality control.

TUTTNAUER autoclaves can be equipped with different optional features. All this to provide efficient heating and complete drying:

  • Built-in steam generator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Spiral tube around the chamber

To enable a completely reliable operation of the autoclave, a number of features have been introduced to ensure convenience and durability for the autoclave:

  • Faster heating for shorter cycle times.
  • The autoclave automatically switches to standby mode if it is not been operated
  • Built-in cooling and drainage system
  • Lifting device