Micronization technology for solids

Micronization is a high energy milling process. Its operation is based on reducing the particles’ size of the material to be treated without the intervention of mechanical components, using a pressurized process gas to impart high velocity (sonic velocity) to them and determining high energy impacts between them.

Typical industrial applications are:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    – Aerosols, poor soluble drugs, increasing bioavailability.
  • Cosmetic industry
    – Compact powders, lipstick, eye shadows, silky touch.
  • Chemical industry
    – Faster reaction times, stronger plastics and adhesives.
  • Ceramic industry
    – Pigment distribution.
  • Aeronautical industry
    – Solid fuels (air to air missiles).
  • New applications
    – Nanotechnology (graphene and others), food (nutraceuticals and new products from synthesis).

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