Most common services

Pre-design (Draft):

Meeting(s) with the client to define their needs based on their machinery, available space, and possible alternatives. Basic design with 2D or 3D drawings, basic measurements, and estimation of the necessary investment with minimum margins for deviation.


Detail design (Execution project):

Final plans with the necessary construction details, a descriptive report of the project, supporting calculations, and detailed measurements of each item. Support in the procurement process, standardisation of the offers from the different trades involved in the work, and preparation of a technical-economic comparison report.


Project management:

Work execution monitoring in accordance with the planned schedule. Monitoring of the correct execution of the different works and review of the subcontractors’ financial certifications.



Drafting of projects and final certificates for each facility and/or civil works and their legalisation before the relevant official bodies, including the necessary permits for the work.