Multinational chemical products company with a surface of more than 10,000 m2

Work carried out

  • Expansion project of the Chemical Products Storage Facility consisting of a new bunded area and corresponding pumping station, with 8 vertical above ground storage tanks to be used with corrosive and/or toxic products, as well as refurbishment of ramps and adjoining grounds.
  • Calculations for the extension of the packaging deck, connected to the extension of the building permit and project management.
  • Projects for compliance adaptation of the classified solids and some non-flammable liquids storage warehouse.
  • Investment analysis for the replacement of the plant in accordance with regulations.
  • Rehabilitation projects for the inorganic materials area in the plant, including:
    • Minor Works Project.
    • Environmental Permit Modification Project.
    • Fire Protection System Installation Project for the Industrial Facility.
    • Refurbishment project of the Low Voltage Electrical Installation.
    • Project to modify the Storage of Chemical Products (non-flammable).
    • Significant modification project of the Industrial Register.
  • Design and supervision of execution for 8 chemical products’ tanks lines in the inorganic materials plant.
  • Investment analysis for the construction of the flammable materials and feeding area in the plant.