Important multinational in the automotive auxiliary sector with more than 33,000 employees around the world

Works carried out

  • Industrial refrigeration projects, low voltage memory and update of the Industrial Registry in its factories number 1 and 2.
  • Execution projects, construction management and legalization of air conditioning for offices, production and warehouses in its factory number 1.
  • Preliminary and Investment Analysis for the installation of air conditioning in production, warehouse and offices in its factory number 2.
  • Legalization project for refrigeration facilities in its factory number 2.
  • Memory of medical services according to health requirements.
  • Project of receiving line of Gas and ERM in its facilities.
  • Air conditioning project for its warehouses.
  • Adaptation and legalization project for Chemical Products Storage (APQ) facilities in its 2 factories.
  • Calculation of thermal loads for warehouses and injection facilities.