Adhesives manufacturing company with 22,000 m2 surface facilities

Work carried out

  • Design and Project management for corrosive product storage in 30 m3 above ground storage tank, with the corresponding loading bay, for an adhesives manufacturing plant.
  • Project for the construction and certification of 2 new warehouses to be used as chemical products warehouse in mobile containers (APQ-10) and servicing station, carrying out the following works:
    • Project for the extension of the Environmental Permit.
    • Building Project.
    • Project for the expansion of the Fire Protection System Installation for the Facility.
    • Expansion project for the chemical products storage.
    • Update of the Explosion Protection Document.
    • Update of the Authorisation for Emissions to the atmosphere.
    • Record for the expansion of the Telecommunications Installation.
    • Project to expand the Industrial Register.