Plate and tubular heat exchangers



Thanks to research and development, FUNKE offers you the most innovative heat exchanger technologies:

  • Tubular exchangers
  • Gasketed or bolted plate heat exchangers
  • Oil – air cooling units
  • Electric oil preheaters

For more than 3 decades, FUNKE has specialised in the development and production of heat exchangers with a heat exchange surface area of up to 2000 m2 for all common industrial applications and designs.

In the field of plate heat exchangers, FUNKE offers a sophisticated range of products for almost every requirement in the machinery and plant engineering industry.

The special “off-set” system from FUNKE with asymmetrical flow slots enables the creation of highly efficient and economical units with up to 17% better performance (depending on the design) than conventional plate heat exchangers.

These different technologies, in accordance with the norms and standards, cover all your needs and therefore make it possible for us to offer both tailor-made and standard products.

Download their catalogues here:

Tubular heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers