Execution projects for buildings and industrial facilities

Logicus Engineering offers its clients the technical solutions and detailed development of the execution and legalisation projects necessary to carry out their industrial activity.

We develop our activity in different industrial sectors: Chemical products industries, automotive sector, recycling industries, LPG and Biofuels storage industries, food industries… covering a wide variety of technologies and sectors.

Our service can be delivered as specific projects or as a comprehensive package including all necessary Projects, Technical Directions and Legalisations, for cases where a new industry is to be installed from scratch or as an expansion of the existing one.

Below is a list of the most commonly developed types of projects, although we also deal with projects not included in the points listed below and which may require the integration of various technical or engineering specialities.


For industries in general:

  • Industrial building and external urbanisation
  • Low Voltage Electrical Installation
  • Medium voltage Connection
  • Transformer stations, Independent Switching Substation ISS
  • Project to obtain an Environmental Permit or Integrated Environmental Authorisation (formerly known as an Activity permit)
  • Project for Industry legalisation
  • Fire Protection Installation
  • HVAC Installation
  • Pressure Equipment Installation
  • Gas Receiver Stations
  • Refrigeration facilities for refrigeration, freezing, and conservation in a controlled atmosphere.
  • Steam installation using any type of fuel with waste heat recovery and cogeneration of energy.
  • Chemical Products Storage (CPS) Facilities, including piping networks, pumping groups, and loaders.

For oil product storage and distribution industries:

  • Installation of tanks and pipe network
  • Pumping Groups
  • Tanker Lorry Loading Stations
  • Tank and Pipe Heating and Insulation System for viscous fuels at room temperature (tracing)

After the development of any of these projects, we carry out the Technical and/or Project Management of their execution ensuring that the solutions defined and the specified quality standards are followed.

Some technical aspects can be explored in greater depth within these project types, such as the following:

  • Fluid Network Design and Calculation
  • Structures Design and Calculation
  • Facilities and Structures 3D Simulations

Finally, we process the relevant legalisations in the different competent official bodies.

This type of service can be offered for the main plant as well as for distant locations, either in Spanish territory or abroad.