Loading chutes and solids mixers


Solid Loading Chutes

Thanks to MUHR’s high technology loading chutes, any problem related to the solids discharge can be solved:

  • Simultaneous dust filtration and extraction.
  • Protection against abrasive materials.
  • Optimal filling in tanker and tanker lorries up to 95% of their capacity.

Highly effective dust-free loading (simultaneous filtration and extraction). For open or closed loading of bulk solids in open lorries, tanker lorries, wagons, ship holds,…etc.

Product, loading conditions, regulations,… etc. Each situation is different. The loading system is adapted to the individual needs of each application. With MUHR’s modular concept we can offer you a loading system adapted to the quality required in each case.

Solids mixers

MUHR mixers are systems with up to two rotary axes located perpendicular to each other and independently driven. The rotation direction and speed of both axes are subject to continuous and independent changes.

Thanks to these innovative and irregular movement dynamics, excellent results are always achieved in the shortest mixing time, regardless of the shape of the container.

These mixing systems mix the product in its container.

MUHR manufactures tailor-made products, taking into account the client’s production needs. Thus, any size and performance is possible.

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Loading chutes

Solids mixers